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ESI is pleased to announce its second annual Innovation Grant! Principals are invited to recommend one teacher at their school who is currently implementing an "innovative practice" in their classrooms or who has an "innovative practice" they would like to realize in their classroom. "Innovative practices" MUST represent new and unique ways to interact with students that uplifts, intrigues, involves and engages students to improve their educational outcomes. Winners will receive $250 US each. Complete the application, a 250 word proposal and one 2 minute video for consideration by July 19, 2023.  

2022 Innovation Grant Winner Ms. Eubanks 

Click this link to see Ms. Eubank's video submission and this link to the EduTALK show featuring Principal Tina Reid-Green and teacher.


2022 Operation Restoration Christian School

ESI had the pleasure of visiting Principal Robert Dixon in October 2022 to meet the students in Trenchtown receiving literacy instruction.  These students are loved and respected by Principal Dixon and his staff who have created a safe haven for these students who live in high-violence gang areas. Click this link to learn more about the school.


Education Solutions International Inc. is a US based 501(c)(3) nonprofit philanthropic organization established to provide free and low cost consultations services to government ministries, training of school leaders and teachers in the Caribbean and diaspora countries where they live and work.


To create learning opportunities to support growth and impact in every learning community committed to education around the world.


To empower every student and every educator to achieve educational success in our schools through partnerships, collaboration, professional development, and support.


  • Service

  • Innovation

  • Diversity and inclusion

  • Social responsibility

  • Environment

  • Philanthropy

Founder and CEO, Dr. Dwayne Dyce is a dynamic educator and leader dedicated to finding solutions to combat issues in educational communities facing challenges to the equitable distribution of school resources, training needs among teachers, principals, administrators, and school leaders.

Co-founder and CFO, Judy Villeneuve-Dyce, is a seasoned education policy executive with experience providing strategic program management design, implementation and engagement to diverse communities of over 1.1 million students in K-12 educational institutions.


30 years of experience in international education policy, operations, training and leadership between them, Dr. and Mrs. Dyce are experts in their areas of specialization.

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ESI features teachers, principals, administrators, union leaders, students, and dignitaries in discussions about hot topics in education throughout the Caribbean diaspora around the world and in the United States. 

Join the discussion live each week or watch recorded sessions on Education Solutions International TV on YouTube or visit ESI's media page.

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