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Education Solutions International (ESI) is a US 501(c)(3) nonprofit educational services and consulting organization seeking to fill gaps in Jamaica, and Caribbean diaspora communities around the world.  Please see the below descriptions of ESI services, programs and fundraising initiatives. We are currently seeking like-minded passionate educators to volunteers their expertise in a variety of education related in-person and virtual training programs.  Contact ESI at to learn more about what we do or to volunteer.

Consulting Services for School Administrators

ESI's consulting services provide support to educational organizations and school leaders on the many challenges facing schools in a post-pandemic environment.  ESI conducts an evaluation of the schools' needs and prepares an individualized action plan used to create the consulting services schedule working closely with schools to improve governance, parent engagement, staff management, business policy development and implementation strategies, and  community partnership building.  To request a consultation to discuss what ESI can do to support your school, send an email to  

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College Students

Student Resources and College Readiness Programs

ESI provides students with free access to ESI led teen discussions about current events, academic courses, skills training, and college readiness instruction to support what work they are doing in school and to excel following graduation.  A summer schedule is currently under development.  Please check back to see the final schedule. 

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Scholarships and Sponsorship Opportunities

Tax deductible one-time and annual ESI contributions received at the Platinum ($15,000 US), Silver ($25,000 US), and Gold ($50,000 US) levels may select from various donation packages to sponsor students' school tuition, books, uniform, and transportation costs.  ESI valued members may also make donations to finance scholarships for teachers and school administrators to attend online certification programs at some of the most prestigious universities around the world. ESI currently has two fundraising opportunities:

  • $45K to sponsor a high performing, female Jamaican student's college tuition for three years and

  • $25K to build a technology department in a renowned all boys school in Jamaica

To learn more, please contact ESI, CFO at

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Please check back for a complete list of our sponsorship opportunities.  To make a donation now towards upcoming donation opportunities, please click here. Donors and Sponsors are invited to make a trip with the CEO and or CFO to the meet the students and visit the schools to which they contribute.  Thanks in advance for your generous contribution to the students, and schools ESI supports!

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